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As the year unfolds, with the promise of a fresh start, many homeowners and businesses seize the opportunity to plan and execute projects that enhance the comfort and efficiency of their spaces. Among the various options available, installing underfloor heating (UFH) is ideal for those looking to transform their living or working environments. Clockwork Underfloor Heating, recognised as a specialist in UFH installation, offers compelling reasons why winter into spring is the perfect time to plan and install this innovative heating solution.

January to March: Months for Strategic Planning and Comfort Enhancement

The beginning of the year is an excellent time for strategic planning, and what better way to kickstart the year than by envisioning a cosier and more energy-efficient living or working space? Planning for the installation of underfloor heating allows homeowners and businesses to set clear objectives for the year ahead, ensuring that comfort and efficiency take precedence in their goals.

Creating a Healthier Indoor Environment with Clockwork Underfloor Heating

The start of the year places health and wellness in the spotlight, and what better way to contribute to a healthier living environment than by installing underfloor heating? By eliminating the need for forced air circulation, UFH reduces the circulation of dust and allergens, fostering an indoor space that aligns with the wellness goals many individuals set for the new year.

Maximising Energy Efficiency and Savings with CAD-Designed Underfloor Heating Systems

Installing underfloor heating at the beginning of the year sets the stage for optimal energy efficiency throughout all seasons. Clockwork Underfloor Heating’s CAD-designed systems ensure precise planning and execution, minimising energy wastage and maximising savings. The efficiency of their systems resonates not only with the winter months but extends throughout the year, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective heating solution.

Clockwork Underfloor Heating offers a unique one-stop solution in collaboration with their sister company, Clockwork Screed. The four-step process – Plan, Insulate, Heat & Screed – simplifies projects, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers. Working closely with you, the team creates a customised underfloor heating plan using CAD system for optimal efficiency. Clockwork prioritises proper insulation, installing high-quality poured insulation with exceptional thermal properties to prevent heat loss. Skilled technicians then use top-quality components to install your underfloor heating system flawlessly. The process concludes with a fast-drying liquid screed, ensuring a perfect foundation for various flooring materials. Clockwork’s liquid screed, laid as thin as 25mm, not only enhances underfloor heating performance but also allows increased insulation depth, improving environmental performance and reducing running costs.

Property Value Benefits

A strategic investment in underfloor heating doesn’t just provide immediate comfort; it contributes to the long-term value of your property. Homebuyers and tenants increasingly prioritise energy-efficient and comfortable living spaces, making UFH an attractive feature that enhances your property’s appeal and market value.

Winter Planning

As the winter chill settles in, investing in a heating solution that promises warmth and revolutionises the overall experience becomes paramount. Clockwork Underfloor Heating, armed with extensive expertise, ensures a seamless installation process, preparing your UFH system to combat the winter cold and provide unparalleled comfort. Their CAD-designed underfloor heating systems guarantee precision and efficiency, optimising the distribution of warmth throughout your space. Planning and installing underfloor heating in January allows you to complete the project before the warmer months arrive, minimising disruptions.

Spring marks the beginning of a new chapter—a perfect time to plan and implement projects that align with your aspirations for the year. Consider the comprehensive benefits of underfloor heating offered by Clockwork Underfloor Heating, complemented by the precision of CAD-designed systems and the expertise of Clockwork Screed. Make this 2024 the year you embark on a journey towards a cosier, more efficient, and comfortable space.

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