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Clockwork Underfloor Heating – trusted underfloor heating contractor in Stockport

Clockwork Underfloor Heating are an experienced underfloor heating contractor in Stockport, working with architects, contractors, and homeowners.

We design, supply, and install underfloor heating systems for a range of properties and project types – including residential, commercial, hospitality, and industrial buildings.

Whether you are an architect, contractor, or homeowner, we are here to guide you through the process, ensuring that your underfloor heating system not only meets your aesthetic requirements but also delivers years of reliable, energy-efficient performance.

We cover all areas and boroughs within Stockport, including Cheadle, Davenport, Edgeley, Bramhall, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Norris, Marple, Offerton, Portwood, Reddish, Woodford, and all other areas.

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Benefits of underfloor heating systems

Elevating architectural designs with invisible luxury

As architects, you understand the importance of balancing aesthetics with functionality.

Underfloor heating systems, discreetly concealed beneath flooring materials, offer the perfect solution. With Clockwork Underfloor Heating, you can create a clean, uncluttered space that shows sophistication and elegance.

Contractors: unlocking energy efficiency for sustainable projects

Contractors are well-versed in the demand for sustainable building practices. Underfloor heating systems, recognised for their energy-efficient operation, align perfectly with these eco-conscious goals.

By partnering with Clockwork Underfloor Heating, you can rest assured that your projects will not only meet environmental standards but also reduce energy consumption for your clients, contributing to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Homeowners: experience the unmatched comfort of underfloor heating

Homeowners, imagine stepping onto a warm, inviting floor every morning, the chill of winter banished with just a touch of a thermostat.

Underfloor heating systems provide an unparalleled level of comfort, gently radiating heat evenly throughout your home, creating a comfortable ambiance that extends from room to room.

Underfloor heating contractor Stockport

Underfloor heating – our 4 step process

Clockwork Underfloor Heating work to a 4 step process for underfloor heating installations:

  1. Plan – We learn about your flooring and heating level requirements, and assess the size and layout of the space. We then provide a customised heating plan using CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology to create the most efficient underfloor heating system for your needs.
  2. Insulate – Insulation impacts the effectiveness of your underfloor heating system. We install high quality poured insulation that offers exceptional thermal performance to prevent heat loss.
  3. Heat – The installation takes place using the highest quality components under industry best practices.
  4. Screed – We apply our fast drying liquid screed to create a level, smooth surface for your final floor finish such as carpet, tiles, or laminate. The screed can be laid as thinly as 25mm which improves the performance and responsiveness of your underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating cost

The cost of an underfloor heating system depends on various factors, such as interior space, condition of existing floor, electrical set up, and required heating specification for your project.

The best thing to do is speak to our team who will be able to give a quick and accurate quote for your project. Call us on 0161 546 6945, email us, or contact us

Why work with Clockwork UFH for your Underfloor heating contractor in Stockport?

Our team of experienced engineers possess in-depth knowledge of underfloor heating systems, ensuring that your installation is carried out with precision and expertise.

Not only that, but if you require a liquid floor screed finish with your underfloor heating system, our sister company Clockwork Screed, can help. This means there is only one point of contact for your project, resulting in a more effective and easier project for you.

Plan, Insulate, Heat and Screed
Our 4 Step Process


Planning & design


Lay insulation


Install underfloor heating


Pour liquid floor screed


High end Residential, Manchester

We planned and installed an underfloor heating system into a contemporary home in Manchester. Not only that, we finished the installation with a smooth, even and high quality liquid floor screed.

Our team worked with the end user’s architect, ensuring the home benefitted with a visually striking but also inherently comfortable and environmentally conscious heating solution.

The client now enjoys an enhanced living experience, reduced energy bills, and an aesthetically uncompromised living space that flows through the whole house.

See What Our
Customers Say

“From our initial consultations to the flawless installation, Clockwork’s team demonstrated not just technical prowess, but a nuanced understanding of architectural essentials.

Their underfloor heating system effortlessly merged into our designs, preserving every ounce of spatial aesthetics while embedding an unperceivable, yet palpably comforting warmth throughout the residence.

In Clockwork, I found more than a solution provider; I discovered collaborators who understand, respect, and enhance the architectural journey. Their integrative approach, precision, and unyielding commitment to quality have made them my go-to partners for all underfloor heating needs.”

D. Smith
Architect, Cheshire

Why work with us
For your Underfloor Heating Project?

Expertise in underfloor heating: Specialists in underfloor heating installation for residential and commercial needs.

Unique advantages: Providing distinct benefits over traditional heating methods to both homeowners and businesses.

One-stop solution: Offering a comprehensive four-step process (Plan, Insulate, Heat, & Screed) for a streamlined underfloor heating solution.

Collaborative approach: In partnership with our sister company, Clockwork Screed, ensuring a unified solution for insulation, underfloor heating, and screeding.

Simplified project management: Eliminating the complexity of dealing with multiple suppliers, facilitating a smoother and hassle-free project execution for architects, contractors, and homeowners.