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Underfloor Heating Installer

We’re an experienced underfloor heating installer providing a streamlined four step process in underfloor heating to residential and commercial properties in Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester. 

As underfloor heating installers we are skilled in professional designing and installing underfloor heating systems. These systems provide radiant heat, warming a room from the floor up, which is now widely considered a comfortable and energy-efficient heating solution.

Underfloor Heating – Our Four Step Process

4 step process

At Clockwork Underfloor Heating, we believe a successful underfloor heating installation starts with a collaborative approach. Our thorough four-step process leverages our team’s expertise to design, install, and commission an underfloor heating system that perfectly complements your home and heating needs.

🟠 Planning & Design of your Underfloor Heating System

We start by talking to you about your desired comfort level, how you use the space, and your lifestyle.
Our team then carefully evaluates your room to ensure the system is designed for optimal heat distribution and energy savings.
Finally, we use specialised software to create a detailed plan tailored to your unique home.

🟠 Lay Insulation

We work with specialists to recommend the right insulation for minimal heat loss.
Our certified technicians meticulously install the insulation to create a continuous, well-sealed layer across the entire floor, guaranteeing efficient heat distribution and system operation.

🟠 Install Underfloor Heating

We use top-of-the-line pipes and components for long-lasting performance.
Our skilled technicians follow the designed plan to ensure even heat distribution throughout the floor.
After installation, we pressure test the pipes for leaks and perform comprehensive system checks to guarantee everything functions perfectly before moving forward.

🟠 Pour Liquid Floor Screed

Our sister company lays a high-performance screed that’s perfect for underfloor heating, creating a smooth base for your final flooring.
Once everything is installed and cured, we fine-tune the system for optimal comfort and efficiency, including setting thermostats and schedules.
And don’t worry, Clockwork provides ongoing support to ensure your system keeps you warm and cosy for years to come.

Our Underfloor Heating Systems

We offer customised underfloor heating systems to fit the needs of your project.

Underfloor heating installer
  • Electric underfloor heating cables: Perfect for extensions, conservatories, and garden offices where plumbing isn’t available.
  • Wet underfloor heating systems: Utilise a network of pipes beneath the floor, ideal for spaces with existing plumbing and can be connected to a boiler or alternative heat source.
  • Low-profile options: Only require 18mm of depth, perfect for tight spaces.
  • Suspended systems: Ideal for specific situations where traditional floor construction isn’t possible.

To Discuss What Underfloor Heating System is Best For Your Home Get In Touch!

Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems

  • Even heat distribution: Unlike radiators, which can create hot and cold spots in a room, underfloor heating systems distribute heat evenly throughout the floor. This provides a more comfortable and luxurious heating experience.
  • Energy efficiency: Underfloor heating systems operate at lower water temperatures than traditional radiators. This can help you save money on your heating bills.
  • Space saving: Because underfloor heating systems are installed beneath the floor, they free up valuable wall space that would otherwise be occupied by radiators.
  • Improved air quality: Underfloor heating systems don’t circulate dust and allergens in the way that traditional radiators do. This can be beneficial for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Comfort underfoot: Walking on a warm floor is a luxurious feeling, especially on cold mornings.

Underfloor Heating Projects

Installing Water Heating Underfloor Pipes: Enhancing Heating Systems with Underfloor Heating Technology

We use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to create bespoke underfloor heating systems for a wide range of projects, from homes and offices to industrial facilities and hospitality venues. Our focus on precision and efficiency ensures:

  • Cosy Comfort in Homes: Even heat distribution throughout your home, designed with CAD for ultimate comfort.
  • Space Optimisation in Commercial Settings: Maximise floor space in offices and retail areas while maintaining a warm and inviting environment.
  • Large-Scale Solutions for Industrial Needs: Clockwork UFH’s CAD precision tackles the heating demands of industrial facilities. We collaborate with contractors and builders to create efficient and comfortable workspaces.Clockwork UFH delivers a versatile and efficient underfloor heating solution, perfect for your unique project. Looking for an underfloor heating installer?

Underfloor Heating Cost

The type of underfloor heating system, whether that be wet underfloor heating or an electric heating system, will vary.

  • System Choice: The cost can vary depending on the system you choose, wet or electric underfloor heating each have different price points.
  • Project Scope: The size of the room and the number of rooms you want heated will influence the overall cost.
  • Building Type: New builds and renovations are generally simpler installations compared to retrofitting older buildings.
  • Labor & Materials: Installation labour and materials will be factored into the quote.

To get a detailed underfloor heating quote get in touch!

Why Work With Clockwork Underfloor Heating to Install Your Underfloor Heating?

Experience the ultimate comfort and energy efficiency with Clockwork Underfloor Heating Installers. Our specialist team designs and installs bespoke underfloor heating systems using our streamlined four step process for homes and commercial settings throughout Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester. Transform your floors into a radiant heat source, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Plan, Insulate, Heat and Screed
Our 4 Step Process


Planning & design


Lay insulation


Install underfloor heating


Pour liquid floor screed


High end Residential, Manchester

We planned and installed an underfloor heating system into a contemporary home in Manchester. Not only that, we finished the installation with a smooth, even and high quality liquid floor screed.

Our team worked with the end user’s architect, ensuring the home benefitted with a visually striking but also inherently comfortable and environmentally conscious heating solution.

The client now enjoys an enhanced living experience, reduced energy bills, and an aesthetically uncompromised living space that flows through the whole house.

See What Our
Customers Say

“From our initial consultations to the flawless installation, Clockwork’s team demonstrated not just technical prowess, but a nuanced understanding of architectural essentials.

Their underfloor heating system effortlessly merged into our designs, preserving every ounce of spatial aesthetics while embedding an unperceivable, yet palpably comforting warmth throughout the residence.

In Clockwork, I found more than a solution provider; I discovered collaborators who understand, respect, and enhance the architectural journey. Their integrative approach, precision, and unyielding commitment to quality have made them my go-to partners for all underfloor heating needs.”

D. Smith
Architect, Cheshire

Why work with us
For your Underfloor Heating Project?

Expertise in underfloor heating: Specialists in underfloor heating installation for residential and commercial needs.

Unique advantages: Providing distinct benefits over traditional heating methods to both homeowners and businesses.

One-stop solution: Offering a comprehensive four-step process (Plan, Insulate, Heat, & Screed) for a streamlined underfloor heating solution.

Collaborative approach: In partnership with our sister company, Clockwork Screed, ensuring a unified solution for insulation, underfloor heating, and screeding.

Simplified project management: Eliminating the complexity of dealing with multiple suppliers, facilitating a smoother and hassle-free project execution for architects, contractors, and homeowners.