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Clockwork Underfloor Heating:

Underfloor Heating Systems for Concrete Floors

Underfloor heating systems for concrete floors are like having a warm blanket under your feet. These systems typically consist of either electric heating cables or water-filled pipes embedded within the concrete slab.

Concrete floors act as excellent thermal mass, retaining heat and gradually releasing it into the room, keeping the temperature consistent and comfortable. Underfloor heating in concrete floors is like a quiet, hidden way to keep warm. It makes your place look neater and gives you extra space compared with traditional radiators.


Underfloor Heating Screed systems for concrete floors

Underfloor Heating Screed systems for concrete floors are available in various types, including Staple Systems, Clip Rail Systems, and Castellation Mat Systems.

They offer various benefits for contractors, installers, and home-owners, such as cost-effectiveness, even heat distribution, and fast installation.

Screed systems for concrete floors are ideal for different needs, whether you are working on a budget, new to underfloor heating installation, or need a quick solution for laying water systems on solid concrete floors.

Staple System:

  • These are a classic choice for underfloor heating and are known for being the most cost-effective option available.
  • Ideal for projects on a budget, Staple Systems provide a snug fit and are perfect for irregularly shaped rooms.

Clip Rail System:

  • If you’re looking for even heat distribution and are new to installing underfloor heating, Clip Rail Systems are a great option.
  • The pre-spaced clip rails make installation faster and easier, making them ideal for beginners.

Castellation Mat System:

  • Castellation Mat Systems are the fastest option for snug screed systems.
  • They are particularly suitable for laying water systems on solid concrete floors without insulation or a damp-proof membrane.
Staple System
Clip Rail System
Castellation Mat System

Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems

Clockwork Underfloor heating systems offer several benefits compared to traditional heating methods, such as radiators or forced-air systems. Some of these benefits include:

♦ No more cold spots: Underfloor heating systems distribute heat evenly across the floor, providing consistent warmth throughout the space. So every part of the room feels cosy.• Space-saving: You don’t need bulky radiators or heaters taking up wall space because the heating is hidden under the floor.

♦ Saves energy: These systems can be more energy-efficient compared to traditional heating methods, which means lower energy bills. It works especially well with energy-saving heat pumps.

♦ Improved Air Quality: underfloor heating doesn’t blow air around, which can reduce the circulation of dust, allergens, and other airborne particles, leading to improved indoor air quality.

♦ Comfort: Walking on a warm floor during colder months provides a sense of comfort and luxury. It is especially useful in places like bathrooms and kitchens where floors are usually chilly.

♦ Quiet Operation: Underfloor heating systems operate quietly since there are no fans or pumps involved, contributing to a peaceful indoor environment.

♦ Zoning Control: You can adjust the temperature in different rooms with underfloor heating, so everyone stays comfortable.

♦ Compatibility with Various Floor Coverings: Underfloor heating systems can work with a variety of floor coverings, including tile, stone, laminate, engineered wood, and even carpet (certain limitations and considerations may apply).

♦ Low Maintenance: Once installed, underfloor heating systems typically require minimal maintenance, reducing the hassle and costs associated with upkeep compared to some other heating systems.

Overall, underfloor heating systems offer a range of benefits that contribute to increased comfort, energy efficiency, and design flexibility in residential and commercial spaces.

Underfloor Heating Cost


The cost of underfloor heating varies based on factors such as the size of the area to be heated, the type of system chosen (electric or water-based), installation method (new construction or retrofit), flooring type, insulation needs, thermostat options, and professional installation fees.

It is important to consider both the upfront investment and long-term savings in energy costs when assessing the affordability of underfloor heating. Consulting with a professional installer can provide a tailored cost estimate based on specific needs and preferences.

Underfloor Heating – Our 4 Step Process


Clockwork Underfloor Heating work to a 4 step process for underfloor heating installations:

1. Plan: At Clockwork UFH, we understand your heating and flooring needs. Our experienced team assesses your space and then creates a customised underfloor heating plan.

2. Insulate: Proper insulation is really important to make sure your underfloor heating works well. Our experts check what kind of insulation your place needs. This way, the warmth stays inside where you want it—in your home or office.

3. Heat: The installation takes place using the highest quality components under industry best practices.

4. Screed: We apply our fast drying liquid screed to create a level, smooth surface for your final floor finish such as carpet, tiles, or laminate. The screed can be laid as thinly as 25mm which improves the performance and responsiveness of your underfloor heating.


Why work with Clockwork Underfloor Heating to install your underfloor heating project?

  • Our team has the expertise and know-how to handle your project efficiently.
  • We tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs and requirements.
  • We use high-quality materials and equipment for long-lasting results.
  • We approach every project with professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Your satisfaction is our main priority, and we try to exceed your expectations.
  • You can count on us to deliver reliable and timely service from start to finish.


How do you design the underfloor heating system?

We use CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems to design the most efficient underfloor heating system for your space.


What are the benefits of underfloor heating systems for concrete floors?

Underfloor heating systems for concrete floors provide consistent warmth throughout the space, save space by being hidden under the floor, save energy, improve air quality, offer comfort, provide design flexibility, operate quietly, allow zoning control, and are compatible with various floor coverings.


How much does underfloor heating cost?

The cost varies based on factors like the area size, type of system (electric or water-based), installation method, flooring type, insulation needs, thermostat options, and professional installation fees.

Underfloor heating installer Manchester

Plan, Insulate, Heat and Screed
Our 4 Step Process


Planning & design


Lay insulation


Install underfloor heating


Pour liquid floor screed


High end Residential, Manchester

We planned and installed an underfloor heating system into a contemporary home in Manchester. Not only that, we finished the installation with a smooth, even and high quality liquid floor screed.

Our team worked with the end user’s architect, ensuring the home benefitted with a visually striking but also inherently comfortable and environmentally conscious heating solution.

The client now enjoys an enhanced living experience, reduced energy bills, and an aesthetically uncompromised living space that flows through the whole house.

See What Our
Customers Say

“From our initial consultations to the flawless installation, Clockwork’s team demonstrated not just technical prowess, but a nuanced understanding of architectural essentials.

Their underfloor heating system effortlessly merged into our designs, preserving every ounce of spatial aesthetics while embedding an unperceivable, yet palpably comforting warmth throughout the residence.

In Clockwork, I found more than a solution provider; I discovered collaborators who understand, respect, and enhance the architectural journey. Their integrative approach, precision, and unyielding commitment to quality have made them my go-to partners for all underfloor heating needs.”

D. Smith
Architect, Cheshire

Why work with us
For your Underfloor Heating Project?

Expertise in underfloor heating: Specialists in underfloor heating installation for residential and commercial needs.

Unique advantages: Providing distinct benefits over traditional heating methods to both homeowners and businesses.

One-stop solution: Offering a comprehensive four-step process (Plan, Insulate, Heat, & Screed) for a streamlined underfloor heating solution.

Collaborative approach: In partnership with our sister company, Clockwork Screed, ensuring a unified solution for insulation, underfloor heating, and screeding.

Simplified project management: Eliminating the complexity of dealing with multiple suppliers, facilitating a smoother and hassle-free project execution for architects, contractors, and homeowners.