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Underfloor Heating Systems

When considering underfloor heating systems, choosing between wet and dry systems is crucial in determining the efficiency, cost, and suitability for different spaces.


Wet Systems


Wet underfloor heating systems use high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is connected to a boiler, circulating warm water from the central heating system. The use of condensing boilers enhances cost-effectiveness. The continuous plastic water pipe layout minimises leakage risks, ensuring a maintenance-free operation throughout its life. Wet systems operate at lower water temperatures than radiators, making them ideal for larger homes and areas.

Screed Systems

Underfloor heating systems are ideal for new builds and extensions, when a concrete screed is going to be laid as part of the project.

There’s no doubt about it, they give you the best possible output and are our most cost effective and efficient option. Screed underfloor heating systems are ideal for new constructions and extensions, especially when incorporating a concrete screed into the project. Clockwork’s screed systems offer optimal performance, being both cost-effective and highly efficient. These systems seamlessly complement renewable heat sources such as heat pumps. It’s essential to ensure enough space, as a typical requirement is around 200mm depth.

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Low-Profile Systems

A great solution for renovations or retrofit. Only requiring 18mm of depth and no need for additional levelling compound, they save time, cost, and valuable floor height.

Our Clockwork Screed Low-Profile system provides a practical solution for underfloor heating in situations where floor height is a concern, with a slim profile of just 18mm. The straightforward board and pipe layouts unique to Clockwork Screed streamline the installation process.

Tiles can be directly laid on the boards, eliminating the need for screed and expediting the overall project timeline. Clockwork Screed Low-Profile is particularly well-suited for retrofits and renovations.

Key features of the Low-Profile Clockwork Screed system include:

  • Cost-Effective: Clockwork Screed is 45% cheaper than castellation mats and levelling compound alternatives.
  • Space-Saving: It preserves valuable floor height, typically 3mm lower than using a low-profile castellation system with 16mm pipes and levelling compound.
  • Efficiency: The system operates swiftly, as it doesn’t require levelling compound, allowing for immediate tiling without waiting for curing. Low-profile groove boards retain and radiate heat efficiently, ensuring energy efficiency and even heat distribution.
  • Versatile Support Ends: Clockwork Screed Support low-profile ends are highly versatile, simplifying pipe installation in narrow spaces compared to castellation mats. Installer-friendly, they facilitate easy pipework turns within the room, ensuring a rapid, stress-free fitting process without the need for cutting.
  • No Additional Materials Needed: By combining Clockwork Screed Support low-profile ends with low-profile groove boards, there’s no necessity for additional levelling compounds or ply boards on top. This eliminates waiting times for floor curing, allowing for direct tiling or laying of wood floors on top while maximising heat output.

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Suspended Floor Systems

The fastest screed system and they’re also ideal if you’re laying a water system on a solid concrete floor without installation or a damp-proof membrane.

Clockwork Screed Suspended underfloor heating systems offer an ideal solution for projects and properties needing underfloor heating in basements, ground floors, or upper floors with joists.

A distinctive advantage is the absence of a screed or damp-proof membrane requirement. What sets Clockwork Screed Suspended systems apart is the ability to enjoy the warmth and cost-saving benefits of underfloor heating without the need to raise the floor level.

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Dry Systems

Dry Underfloor Heating System

Our Dry Underfloor Heating Systems are agile and easy to fit in small areas like bathrooms, or places you can’t plumb, like a new conservatory.

Dry underfloor heating systems, available in the form of heating cables, ribbons, and films, offer versatility in installation and heating options. Loose wire configurations suit irregularly shaped rooms, while matting is designed for tile and stone floors. The foil mat system is tailored explicitly for laminated flooring. These electric systems are cost-effective to install and cause minimal disruption to existing floor plans. They provide rapid room heating as direct heat sources, but their downside lies in higher running costs.

Choosing between wet and dry underfloor heating systems depends on space size, installation costs, and long-term efficiency goals. Wet systems prove advantageous for larger spaces with lower operating costs over time, while electric (dry) systems offer flexibility and quicker heating at a potentially higher running cost.

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Plan, Insulate, Heat and Screed
Our 4 Step Process


Planning & design


Lay insulation


Install underfloor heating


Pour liquid floor screed

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Customers Say

“From our initial consultations to the flawless installation, Clockwork’s team demonstrated not just technical prowess, but a nuanced understanding of architectural essentials.

Their underfloor heating system effortlessly merged into our designs, preserving every ounce of spatial aesthetics while embedding an unperceivable, yet palpably comforting warmth throughout the residence.

In Clockwork, I found more than a solution provider; I discovered collaborators who understand, respect, and enhance the architectural journey. Their integrative approach, precision, and unyielding commitment to quality have made them my go-to partners for all underfloor heating needs.”

D. Smith
Architect, Cheshire

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Our sister company Clockwork Screed are screeding specialists, perfect for underfloor heating, they offer a full service, meaning they source, deliver and install your screed and/or floor insulation all from their dedicated mobile screed factories.

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